Ways to explore


What sets us apart is what we enjoy doing the most: keep working on fresh ways to  explore Crete. Though a clichĂ©, it is indeed true that Crete has something for everyone, possibilities are literally endless and exciting. Key archaeological sites, scenic countryside dotted with picturesque villages, blue seas lapping golden beaches  great food, breathtaking gorges and hiking trails, people that are as pleasant as the weather. Always in search of hidden treasures, discoveries and secrets to built in to every trip, we believe that sharing our expertise and inside knowledge is about distilling these different options into something comprehensible, allowing our clients to make smart decisions about what best matches their interests. Our tours’ repertoire is varied, ranging from day trips to week-long holidays and covering different themes and activities, available on set dates or organized upon request for private groups. Regardless if the focus is on culture, nature, art or family fun, all programs share a guiding philosophy; all are well researched and hand-crafted to deliver deeply personal experiences of discovery with a unique sense of service and style.

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